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We are simply a group of friends who were led to make a difference in this world and change the lives of the many children located in impoverished countries. We operate solely on donations and are grateful to have received enough donations to build two Medical Clinics in Arusha, Tanzania, which provided "free" medical care to children and adults.

In addition to the medical clinics, we purchased an operational farm in the Arusha, Tanzania area. We are raising maize, sunflowers, beans, mangos, and avocados. The produce from our farm helps feed many of the orphaned children in Tanzania.

Currently, we are working with several primary and secondary schools in Tanzania by sponsoring girls and boys to achieve a quality education. These private boarding schools help the younger generation advance themselves to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our Mission

Just Us Friends’ mission is to provide the citizens of underprivileged countries with the resources to become healthy and self-sufficient. By creating quality education, quality healthcare, and teaching environmental and business entrepreneurship, the community will be able to be self-sustaining.

Just Us Friends
Just Us Friends

Our Aim

Our motto is Pay it Forward. Many businesses have joined us in our efforts and can be viewed in "Ways You Can Help." This page is for businesses that have joined our efforts. Be sure to check back weekly as we are getting new sponsors and partners every day. Please see our page, Current projects, to see what our current project involves.

What's New at Just Us Friends?


Just Us Friends have diversified our services and are now implementing our newest program entitled “Just Kids.” This new program includes “Empowering kids” through quality education. The only way to achieve self-sustainability in underprivileged countries is to unleash the power of learning! This is why Just Us Friends has partnered with The Maasai Girls School in Tanzania, which offers quality secondary education to teen girls. Here these girls live on campus and attend classes for a period of four years, preparing them for college.

Most Maasai girls are pledged at birth by their fathers to become a wife as early as the age of nine. In most cases, the girl’s father will decide what man will receive his daughter’s hand in marriage by the number of cows the prospective man can pay to the father. These girls have little to no educational opportunities, and most will be circumcised to keep them pure. This is horribly painful and unnecessary. The act of empowering children is a process of guiding them to feel and believe that they are powerful now as well as creating optimum conditions that mirror back to them these concepts.

Just Us Friends

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