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Just Us Friends have diversified our services and are now implementing our newest program entitles “Just Kids”. This new program includes “Empowering kids” through quality education. The only way to achieve self-sustainability in under privileged countries is to unleash the power of learning! This is why JUF has partnered with The Maasae Girls School I’m Tanzania which offer secondary quality education to teen girls . Here these girls live on campus and attend classes for a period of 4 years preparing them for college.

Most Maasai girls are pledged at birth by their fathers to become a wife as early as the age of 9;years of age. In most cases, the girls father will decide what man will receive his daughters hand in marriage by the number of cows the prospective man can pay to the father. These girls have little to no educational opportunities and most will be circumcised to keep them pure. Which is horribly painful and unnecessary.

The act of empowering children is a process of guiding them to feel and believe that they are powerful now as well as creating optimum conditions that mirror back to them these concepts.

Ms- Nengai Lazaro Benton, an active member of the Just Us Friends team; knows only to well , how to save these girls from their old customs and empower them to help other girls. Nengai, ran away from her village, walked to school 6 hours to school and 6 hours home from school every day until she was old enough to enter the Maasai Girls School. She was able to secure the help of a sponsor, graduate secondary school: and go on to enter college and become a teacher.

Click here to read more about Nengai's Story

The cost to sponsor a child in Tanzania primary school is only $1,000 US per year and in secondary school $1,500 per year. This includes full room and board, classroom fees, books and uniforms.

Meet two of our current sponsored students:

This is Angel Noeli.  She is from Ngereyan in West Kilimanjaro.  Angel is 15 years of age and was no longer wanted by her family after her parents divorced when she was 4 years of age.  She has lived with an aunt, but after primary school, no one in her family was willing to stay with her while she continued her education.  JUF is sponsoring her now at the Maasae Girls School.  Angel is working very hard and is ranked number 3out of 35 in her class.  We are so very proud of her.

Her name is NEMALI LAIZER. She is 8 years old. She is from Gilai Lumbwa Arusha, Tanzania.    She has never had the opportunity to go to school  so she is having to start from nothing.  She does not speak or understand English.  But we are told that she is progressing very fast.

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