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These testimonials are from a few of our patients seen in our clinics and from a few of our volunteers.  The patient testimonials were written in Swahili and have been translated into English.

Masansa Halsa - "I thank JustUsFriends for your good treatment and I am very happy for your kindness.  Continue with your good heart and God will reward you with more.  I would like it if you had a laboratory here. Also to have a dental deprtment here at the cliic."

A. Kiminio - I was received well.  The doctor helped my child and gave me the medication for her for free.  God bless you and continue with your kindness.  Thank you all."
Elias Laiza - "I was received well and I {was}treated well.  The Doctor gave me medication that will treat my disease.  I'm asking for those who donate to this clinic to bring money for laboratory tools and X-ray.  This would be a big help to all of us people who have no money for such tests.God Bless you all."

Leila Lissa - "When I was here for the first time, I was seriously in sick, but the doctor gave me the good medication and advise which helped me more.  The docors and nurses handled me good and treat me good. We trust the doctor.  If possible i asking for your help with V-CT and to have also ARVs and CD4 because we walk for long distance to get these."

Bosco Kitiki - "It was a good day for me, the workers received me in a good way and they start to help in in love and peace  I'm thinking how and why they help me as I;m a poor Tanzanian with nothing.  The treatment is good and I was treated in love and happyGod bless all the people who work in this clinic.  I thankful for all those who donate in this clinic either money, medicine, or other instruments.  Also I beg the Americans who donate to donate more so the clinic can have a laboratory."


MMarianne Kraglund - " I'm a nursing student from Denmark who came to Tanzania as a part of my studies. The last couple of months I have been placed at St. Joseph Hospital in Moshi. This has been a great experience for me both learning wise and at a personal level. And I have seen and done things that I never will get to experience back home. During my stay I have met so many great people not only from Tanzania but also from other parts of the world! Even though I spend a lot of time at the hospital I also have some time to look around and go for safaris. Moshi lies at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro and no matter where you are in Moshi you have a beautiful view over the mountain. Some weeks ago I got the opportunity to climb it and I am so glad that I did because that was an awesome experience I will never forget! In my eyes Moshi is an idyllic town which has nice small coffee shops and restaurants and you really get the feeling that you are in Africa. It is just how I pictured it to be! Of course the very good and typically African food we get served at the house helps add to the African feeling. My stay here has almost come to an end. I am really not looking forward to come home. My only comfort is that I can always come back!"

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