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Tanzanian Staff

Nengai Laizer Benton, Just Us Friends Outreach Director

Nengai is working diligently with the children's programs and working to promote awareness of women's issues which are still prevalent today in the Maasai tribal customs  As a Maasae who was fortunate enough to find a sponsor at an early age, Nengai was able to attend Primary School, Secondary School at the Maasae Girls School, then go on to college and receive her teaching degree.  Nengai was employed by the Maasae Girls School as an English and History teacher.  Although she has moved to the USA with her husband Jasen, she remains commuted to helping these children become empowered by education. 

For more read Nengai's Story

Lyimo Mawazo, Just Us Friends Operations Director

Lyimo is a vital player in managing our Tanzanian interests, from our Clinic Buildings, the Farm, and Safari Company.  Lyimo has been serving Just Us Friends for over 8 years and is a huge asset to our charity. (Lyimo is in the middle in the blue shirt). 

Jasen Benton, Just Us Friends Staff Medical Director

Jasen is our primary contact for our medical services in Tanzania.  Although Jasen and his family have moved back to the USA after 11 years of service, he is still very active with the local Tanzanian medical community.

Tanzanian Contact Information

Phone Number:  +255 784 655 225
P. O. Box 24377
Postal Branch Mt. Meru, Arusha Region
Tanzania Africa
email:,, or

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