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Past Projects

GoodHope Orphanage and School

 GoodHope project:  Began March 2011, Completed June 2012.

The images show the completed Medical clinic and Volunteer housing at GoodHope Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania. The clinic has been names "Loren's Hope" and is up and operating.  We began this construction project in April, 2011.  Total cost of this project is $25,000. The building was built utilizing local labor and local materials. A Grand Opening for the Clinic was on October 11, 2011. It was a huge success with 411 guests.  The Tanzania Minister of Health and Education came and spoke calling JustUsFriends, "Pioneers".  

As we stated in our mission statement, our goal is to go to an area and make improvements and help create self-sustainability.  With the building complete and the compound functioning, it is time for JustUsFriends to move into another area that needs our help.  It will be up to GoodHope to maintain and carry this gift forward.  They have been provided the necessry tools by JustUsFriends to become self-sustainable.  We wish them well.



Funds were provided to complete the new girl's wing on the compound.  Although the building is not quite "move in" ready", the foundation has been complete and it will be up to GoodHope to complete from this point.


Lit Anderson, Grow Smiles Worlwide, and her group from New York planted over 300 plants and trees throughout the compound in October.  All of the plants have been categorized and each child is responsible for caring for their plants.  This project has been implemented through the GoodHope School where there are 137 children participating in this program.  In addition, walkways were constructed throughout the property which lead from the clinic to the school and school to the orphanage.  The kids worked hard on the walk paths.

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