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Volunteer Online Application Instructions

Below you will find our online application, once you fill out all required information, we will contact you and start the Volunteer process. Thank you and we hope to work with you soon. If you are having difficulty with the submission of this form, send us an email at: and someone will contact you shortly.

Please Fill Out All Information:


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You must be 18 by the start date of program or accompanied by a parent or guardian

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Right now we only have programs in Tanzania, Africa. We hope to have other countries to offer soon
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We ask this for housing purposes only! No applicant will be turned down due to their gender!
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Are You Medically Fit To Volunteer?* Yes No
We ask this because advanced medical services might not be available in the area you might want to volunteer. (Note: if you answer No to this it doesn’t mean you will be refused the right to volunteer we will review it on a case by case basis)
Have You Ever Been Convicted of Any Felony or A Crime Involving a Child?* Yes No
Please note that all approved applicants must pass a background check!
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Comments Are Always Welcomed!
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Please review that all your information is correct and press the submit button at the top of this application.  Please only hit Submit Once. We thank you for your application and we will contact you very soon about its status.

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